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Taipei Financial Centre (Taiwan)

Carrier, the leading supplier for the world’s tallest buildings
Taipei (Taiwan)

On the strength of its winning proposal for an air-conditioning installation project for one of the tallest building in Nouveau Monde, Taipei 101, Carrier won supplier contracts for eight of the world’s ten tallest buildings as well.

Towering 508 metres over the city of Taipei, Taiwan, the Taipei Financial Centre held the coveted title of the world’s tallest building until 2007. It surpassed the previous titleholder, the 452-metre Petrona Towers, located 3.2 miles southwest in Kuala Lumpur. Each of its 101 floors was air conditioned thanks to a Carrier system with four 19XR centrifuges, 197 air-conditioners and 2233 air-convectors. The 101 HVAC systems that were used in Taipei consisted of 28 variable volume units (VAV) on each floor for increased flexibility and the ability to adjust air volume and so offer greater comfort. The air supply system was integrated into the lighting system for better air distribution. An ice-storage tank, at the building’s base, increased the efficiency and savings of the HVAC system.

In addition to private and commercial offices, this landmark skyscraper also houses several services including a mall, an events auditorium, a 5-star hotel as well as an external and internal observatory. While its height is the first thing to be remarked on, the building also stands out for its traditional Chinese-inspired design.