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South Railway Station (China)

Carrier Cools World's First Round Railway Station

Carrier successfully won a contract to provide air conditioning equipment for Shanghai South Railway Station, another landmark of the economic development in China. Carrier will provide four units of highly efficient 19XR750 centrifugal chillers using environmentally sound refrigerant for the railway station.

“This was a prestigious win for Carrier China. We proposed several product packages to the customer so that they could understand the breadth of Carrier’s offerings and select the right one for them,” said SK Lim, sales director for Shanghai region. “In the end, Carrier beat York, Trane and Mcquay to win this project with our high-efficiency, high-quality products, combined with excellent service.”

Shaped like a wheel, the world’s first round railway station covers an area of 50,000 square meters, and will serve as a central hub for railway, subway, light track and buses.