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Jacksonville Baseball Park (USA)

W.W. Gay Mechanical and Carrier Cool Jacksonville's New Baseball Park

When the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville first opened, thousands of AA-baseball fans came out to celebrate the completion of the new home of the Jacksonville Suns. Described as the "future of baseball" in this town, the new 93,000-sq.-ft. facility replaced a nearly 50-year-old sports stadium and aligned the town for Triple-A baseball expansion possibilities in two years.

While much of the new ballpark's 10,000 seats are open-air seating, the park also features 12 suites and a suite-level club, both air-conditioned for the warm Jacksonville afternoon and evening games. W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractors, headquartered in Jacksonville, was awarded the contract to ensure that fans watching the games from these special sections did so in cool comfort.

The new 93,000 sq. ft. Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville facility opened in the spring of 2003. To accomplish the job, W.W. Gay installed seven Carrier 39M Aero™ central station air handlers to cool the administration area, the ball team training and locker room, and the suite areas. The contractor was particularly pleased with how well these units tackled issues that contractors often face in the field.

It's unfortunately common, W.W. Gay's Vice President and General Superintendent Terry Shepard explained, for some HVAC equipment to get damaged in shipping or when stacked on the job site. According to Shepard, W.W. Gay didn't have any of these problems with the Aero, whose galvanized, pre-painted steel casings have a unique structural frame designed to not only carry their own weight, but also to enable easy and safe removal of all panels for servicing. Also, as a key safety feature, there are no exposed sheet metal edges anywhere on Aero’s appliance-quality finish.