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Carrier Innovations

State-of-the-art home comfort and health solutions
Innovation is a way of life at Carrier. Our expert engineers use intelligent design and technology to develop efficient, precisely engineered heating and cooling systems. Here are a few of the superior innovations we've developed to make your home more comfortable.

Greenspeed Intelligence 

Greenspeed™ intelligence
As part of the Infinity system, our Infinity 20 heat pump with Greenspeed™ intelligence precisely matches conditions both indoors and out. It provides the most comfort for the lowest operating cost so you don’t have to pay for heating and cooling you just don’t need. As a result, it achieves up to an unprecedented 13.0 HSPF heating efficiency – 29% better than our nearest competitor and an amazing 68% better than standard units.†

Greenspeed intelligence also delivers heating when lower outdoor temperatures have forced other systems to switch to an auxiliary heat source in the winter while providing comfort enhancing dehumidification in the summer.

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† Based on 3-ton ducted air source heat pump system combination as of February 17, 2011.

Infinity System
The revolutionary Infinity® System is the epitome of Carrier engineering. It offers the highest efficiency rating and is so advanced that it automatically adjusts for peak efficiency and performance. Infinity is also the only system on the market that allows you to control temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed, and ventilation; it even detects when your air filter needs replacing.

Hybrid Heat
HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel systems creates an energy-efficient home without compromising your comfort. Unlike traditional systems, it combines the benefits of intelligent control for both gas and electric heating to create an intuitive system that can actually react to changing conditions. No matter what the temperatures outside, a HYBRID HEAT dual fuel system will automatically select the most efficient fuel source for your home. Which means you'll stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and save money all year long.

Puron Refrigerant
Puron® Refrigerant is a chlorine-free, high performing and environmentally sound refrigerant. When the 1990 Clean Air Act stated that R-22 - a longtime standard refrigerant- must be phased out, Carrier conducted extensive in-home tests that proved the superiority of Puron Refrigerant. We were also the first to use it in a full line of air conditioning and heat pump systems.


Is Puron Refrigerant Right For You?
Before you upgrade your air conditioner or heat pump, consider the following benefits of Puron Refrigerant-based products:

  • Energy Efficiency: Puron Refrigerant’s heat-transfer properties lend themselves to higher-efficiency performance.
  • Future Cost Of Service Savings: As R-22-based systems are phased out, they will become harder and more expensive to service. Upgrading to Puron Refrigerant now will spare you potential headaches.
  • Reliability: Our Puron Refrigerant-based systems are some of our most reliable products.
  • Quiet operation: Many of our Puron Refrigerant-based systems offer our Silencer System technology.

Innovative Carrier IdealHumidity™ systems control both temperature and humidity, day and night, in any season. They allow you to monitor and adjust your home's humidity level even when your home comfort system isn't actively heating or cooling. During the summer in particular, Carrier variable-speed blower systems work in concert with our highly refined Thermidistat™ Control to remove up to 30 times more moisture than a standard system, keeping you cool and comfortable. This could also save you up to 21% in cooling costs.

Carrier’s advanced ComfortHeat™ technology allows your furnace to maintain temperatures consistently by running longer, quieter heating cycles. This makes it twice as reliable as an ordinary furnace. Unlike ordinary furnaces, gas furnaces with ComfortHeat technology operate at low heating capacity up to 90% of the time, making the furnace quieter and much more energy efficient. Plus, when a variable speed unit with ComfortHeat is matched with a Carrier Thermidistat™ Control, the IdealHumidity™ System can remove up to 30 times more moisture from your home than an ordinary cooling system—allowing you to set the temperature higher.